Planeta Acocil
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Welcome to Planeta Acocil!


You are now entering my crayfish web site.

Although there is not a guess book available, you could e-mail any comments or reactions you might have to my site. I would enjoy answering any of your questions.



Planeta Acocil was started in the Fall,
September 16 of 2000. 
February 2002: I got a new domain for the Acocil Homepage
September 16 2005 the first five years since this site was launched. 
May 10th 2006...My Thesis Defense went well...I passed it. I am now a Master Science in Biology.
October 2010, I will post some amazing shots of the crayfish embryo before the year comes to and end.

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Above, a planet-like crayfish embryo is about 2000 micrometers.
Art by Enrique Aniceto.


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Olmo was two years old in 2000(below picture). He still likes to handle living creatures. He certainly enjoy going with me to Malibu creek.